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Caring for your Treats

Once our products leave our possession, you assume all liability and responsibility for the condition of your order. Please remember that our products are made with chocolate, fondant and other decorated accents that must be kept in a climate controlled environment, not to exceed 75 degrees and out of direct sunlight. You should be mindful of maintaining air conditioning during transport and securing your box or boxes to keep movement minimal.  This will ensure the desserts stay intact and any attached accents don't become dislodged.  We recommend our desserts be stored in an airtight container if not consumed within 24 hours of pick up or delivery. 


Our products are not made in a nut free facility. Our products may contain or come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy and other allergens. Items may be prepared with gloves, containing latex, vinyl or other materials. You agree to notify your guests of this risk and hold Simply Sprinkled harmless for any allergic reactions.


We routinely photograph our products and we reserve the right to use any photographs for display or promotion without compensation to you.

Confirmation of Order

Orders will require 50% (or larger depending on size of order) retainer fee to book your date. In your order to book your date you must pay the applicable non-refundable retainer fee. Providing quotes or any other verbal communication will not be considered a confirmation of your order. Invoices must be paid within 24 hour of receipt. Remaining balance is due 7 days before your pick up date. Failure to the balance on time, may result in a cancellation of your order, or delay in producing your order. Until you place your deposit your date is open to other customers. If your pick up date is not the date of your event please bring that to our attention as some of our treats are best the day they are made.

Cancellation or Changes

Orders must be canceled within 7 days of pick up, or else you may be subject to full payment or cancellation fee. If your date changes, I will do my best to work with you, depending on the cancellation date, and my availability of the revised date.  Changing details of your order after placing your deposit may be subject to a change fee and/or possibly full payment. 

Pick Up/Deliveries

All orders are picked up at 8350 FM78,  78109 Converse. Which is the Starbucks near Judson High School. We expect you to be timely just as much as you would expect us to be. We value your time, and understand in many cases you are preparing for the event,  please plan accordingly.  We do book other deliveries/orders around your agreed pick up time. If you fail to pick up your order on the agreed pick up time, you may be subject to a late fee and/or defaulting to a different pick up time as per Simply Sprinkled's availability. Delivery may be arranged at the time your order is placed.  There is an additional fee of $10 for the first 10 miles from 78244, and each additional mile one way is .99. 

Use of Metallic or Glitter Colors

If you have chosen to use any metallic colors or glitter for your treats, please note use of the gold or silver metallic finish products are considered non-toxic and or non edible. Items used with these products are meant for decoration use, and to be removed prior to consuming. Use of glitter products is considered non-toxic.  These products were developed for cake decorating and crafting. But are not considered a food product. Below are a few places that provide more information or sale these products. These products can also be found at your local cake supply store. Please let Simply Sprinkled know if you have any questions regarding the use of these products.

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